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    About WooCommerce
    Who is this engine suitable for?
    For users who do not need a store with more functionality and create the desired online store in the fastest possible time. The algorithm for creating a store on WooCommerce is very simple: install WordPress, install the woocommerce plugin, find and install a template adapted for WooCommerce and use it.
    You can install wordpress currency switcher
    System of the engine
    The engine system is very complex and inconvenient even for an experienced programmer. The logic and appearance are in the same files and the files are scattered in different directories, so creating a new plugin will not be an easy task.
    The complexity of installing the engine and plug-ins (modules)
    in WordPress, even a child can install add-ons for an online store. Just 2 clicks and you are already using the plugin, which is not true for Opencart.
    As you may have guessed, to use the very popular WordPress engine as an online store, you will need to install The woocommerce plugin. From this, you can immediately understand that the system will be “heavier”, since in addition to the blog functions of WP, a bunch of many WooCommerce features will be added, which will significantly increase the load on the server, which will be a minus.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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